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Title: Welcome
Post by: hiawatha2k8 on November 09, 2009, 04:23:23 pm
Welcome and thanks for showing an interest in bettering your relations with Highlander.  Hopefully here you can get to know us a little better, and we'll try our best not to tick you off and force you to declare war on us.  Before we can get started, you'll have to do a few things in order for us to maintain alliance privacy and encourage open conversation between ourselves without the fear of other nations/ alliances eavesdropping.  In a nutshell, after you sign up we'll set you up with your own private board visible only to your fellow members and Highlanders, and no one else.

First, make a new post in this thread that includes
a) your nation name/ lord's name / any alliance officer positions you have
b) your alliance's name / rank/ membership numbers

We'll review the information and message your stated nation in-game confirming that you are in fact who you say you are.  After that, we'll make a new private board for you and mask you for the public boards/topics here.

See you around.