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Title: Possible government(just talking nothings final)
Post by: ChaosGoD on November 28, 2009, 09:39:18 pm

* Monarchical: Two kings, hereditary monarchs, one from each of the Agiad and Eurypontid families, had priestly obligations and the power to make war.
* Oligarchic: The kings were automatic members of the Gerousia, the council of 28 elders picked for life plus the two kings. Five ephors, chosen annually by popular election, had the main power.
 * Democratic: The final component was the assembly, made up of all Spartiates (full Spartan citizens) over 18.

Spartan modified for alliance

*Host leader for each alliance, if one leader declares war that leader's alliance is at war. The other alliance will support unless
1 the alliance that war was declared on attack/wronged the other alliances as well
2 that alliances council of vice-chiefs votes to war as well

*the leaders will automatically be part of the council.The council will be comprised of the two leaders plus 1 council member for ever 15 members in the alliance.

*there will be issues that are not plausible to be decide by a select few these will be voted on by ever alliance member

*after 4 months we will vote on new vice-chiefs  this will not include the host position that will be passed on(or chosen by means chosen by the previous holder).The first council members will be chosen by the alliance leaders